We never stop to says, “God is great”. Often we facing a lot of awesome things to show His glory just in the middle of difficulty. There’s a time when our plane almost doom because of bad landing in Biak which known have a long run way.

The hour is 5.am in the morning, almost all of passengers still sleepy when the stewardess make announcement to prepare landing for transit in Biak-Papua. Usually I am ok with situation take off and landing in planes, but that morning its feel something wrong. While the plane getting lower to the ground landing, I just feel something wrong … and it happened..!

The plane touch the ground with hard landing which implies behind average speed. It makes me quite discomfort and the airbrake seem looks like doesn’t work properly. I just think that I am taking a bus than on plane because the plane move like zig zag to hold with concrete asphalt. But thanks God! The plane just stop in the end of landing ground. I realize that God protect me and our ministry to Him. I take a picture and tell to others God is Great! 

Another opportunity when went to Military Post in Arso border Papua-PNG, this area somehow is not save to reach due to some shootings and kidnapped by separatist. We pray to our friends in air borne military unit which called KOSTRAD that time. Thanks all to you whom already support us, God bless you.


Rev. Jeffry Sudirgo

Chieff Officer

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Monday, 17 June 2024
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